The trinomial photography, planets and bacteria and the binomials heaven and earth, finite and infinite, known and unknown, give shape to the emotions and reflections that Marco Castelli’s work want to convey and inspire. Opposites vie for our mood and our feelings: dark and light, fantasy and reality, truth and abstraction.

Most of the photographers of microbes and bacteria have a scientific nature, adapted to detect and emphasize the unique geometries that these are able to form. This time, however, the interest is not to show the invisible or what is hardly visible to naked eye, but to use the natural geometry of bacterial colonies to enlarge and project them into another dimension, reversing all logic and report between big and small, thus loading  the planets, the universe and all the work of symbolic values. This gives them charm and mystery, makes then sublime image and ironic too (particularly referring to the planets names), which in their relationship with science recall the themes, the spirit and the philosophy of a lot of artistic production from the last century.


Caterina Pacenti, curator, 2016



Marco Castelli